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Our Specialized Services - Townley & Wheeler Funeral Home

Our Specialized Services


A funeral or memorial ceremony offers family and

friends the opportunity to say goodbye to a loved

one and sets the stage for the healing process.

The most important part is in the “coming together” with others to share memories and receive comfort from one another. It can be a very simple ceremony or one in which the personality and lifetime achievements of your loved one are showcased.

Whatever you think would be appropriate; we promise to be with you at every turn to help you plan a service that celebrates your loved one's life in a meaningful way.

We are proud to offer the following specialized services:

  • RESTORATIVE AND COSMETIC PROCEDURES - The staff at Townley & Wheeler is highly educated in these fields.  Kathleen Lowes Sanvidge is considered an artist with keen perception and attention to the details of making your loved one look natural.  She is well-known for her reconstructive talents and ability to bring back the original appearance of your loved one even after traumatic injury.  To accomplish this, she uses photographs and descriptions of the deceased.  As a woman, she is sensitive to the cosmetic applications and takes personal instructions for specific needs such as hair style, nail polish, color coordination and amount of makeup applied.  She is also versed in hair restoration, scar and deep tissue trauma elimination,  tumor removal, tissue building, and positioning the body for a most natural look.  Her special touches make a noticeable difference.  
  • MASTERFUL PERSONALIZED PRINTING - We are experts at creating tasteful and unique prayer cards, thank you cards, memory books and any other media to memorialize your loved one in a special way.  We go out of our way to offer you many choices beyond the standard templates that have become so ordinary these days.

  • LONG DISTANCE EXPERTS - Many families are faced with the seemingly difficult task of making arrangements from afar.  Let our staff assist you to arrange a funeral from various locations within the United States and even world wide.  We are qualified and experienced to make arrangements revolving around the transfer, removal, and final disposition from state to state or country to country.  

  •   LOCATION FLEXIBLITY  - We are affiliated with many area funeral homes and churches and are equipped to offer wakes and funerals from these various locations.  

  • WELCOMING REQUESTS - There are many personal ideas that families prefer, and we will accommodate these.  We pride ourselves in the extras, so just ask!  We are never too busy to fulfill your above-and-beyond requests, and we consider it just another one of our special services. 

Should you have any questions regarding our specialized services, don't hesitate to ask.   

If you would prefer to speak to someone directly, please call us. We will be honored to share commemoration ideas.


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