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What Families are Saying - Townley & Wheeler Funeral Home

What Families are Saying

Almost every day, we receive thank you notes and cards from the families we’ve served. Each of these heartfelt messages about our end-of-life care means more to us than we can express here, because it affirms the fact that we are doing what we set out to do when we opened the doors of Townley & Wheeler Funeral Home: help families celebrate, pay tribute to, and memorialize a loved one with compassionate attentive care, the highest-quality funeral products, and thorough professionalism. Take some time to read these testimonials – and learn that, every day, we exceed expectations.   


July 2017

On behalf of the entire family of George James Nash, we thank you very much for taking care of our Dad last week. From our first telephone call the evening before Dad passed away until the final blessing at the interment ceremony, you were the most kind and thoughtful professionals one could ever have imagined.

We just could not have been more pleased with the way you and your team helped us move through the difficult days last week.

Again, thank you for the tremendous professionalism and support to our family as we remember the life of our Dad, Geroge James Nash. May the Lord continue to bless you in this important work, and with each family that you serve.

Most Sincerely,

Roy & Deborah Nash

March 2017

Our experience with everyone at Townley & Wheeler Funeral Home was seamless.  At a time when things could be stressful or uncomforable, Kathleen and her sraff made us feel like family.  My mother happen to know Kathleen from high school and then their paths crossed again when my father passed away.  Kathleen was so professional and kind that when my mother took it upon herself to prepare in advance to lighten the burden for her family, she went immediately to Kathleen.  She not oly made my mother's process easy and comfortable, she also made our experience equally as pleasant.  - Kim Chase                                                                                 

I can't begin to express my gratitude for the kindness and compassion you extended to me and our family in arranging Becky's services. Every detail was attended to, making a difficult time so much easier for all of us. On behalf of Becky and all our family and friends, thank you from the bottom of our hearts. -Don Boucher
I thought I might share with you that I had an opportunity to speak with the funeral director, Kathleen Lowes Sanvidge,  at Mrs. Adams' funeral yesterday.  I wanted to thank her, because the whole affair was very beautifully executed as far as I could tell.  It was modest, but lovely, warm, and orderly.... the whole thing just left a very lovely impression on me compared to some other funerals I've seen where the directors seem cold and blasé and things seemed very perfunctory. The overall impression surely had to do with Pastor's presence and message and Thelma and Rob's participation, but it did seem that Kathleen was very warm, gentle, and lovely... the kind of person you would want helping you if you were grieving.  I liked her instantly.  When I thanked her and told her of some of the sad scenarios I have witnessed in comparison, her eyes welled up and she thanked me "for saying such things".  She said that she truly believes that this is her "ministry to the Lord", referring to something that Pastor had said, and words to the effect that she loves being a comfort to people wherever she can.  She said how warmly she was received by the church and how thankful she was to be able to work with us. I went to the Townley and Wheeler website in order to send Kathleen a "thank you" message, and was very impressed by that as well.  There is a lovely tribute to Mrs. Adams there that you would enjoy, if you haven't seen it already. Me and my family keep saying that we want to tend to these things before the need is desperate.  Now I really want to make sure we do, because I want to be certain that I'll have help from someone like Kathleen. -Rachel 

Kathleen was wonderful in all she did for us for my gram. Nothing was left out! Even made a book of memories for us online for people who couldn't make it. She helped at all hours and for any requests to get us what we wanted for my gram. Even recommended a place for flowers on short notice! We were treated like family and if we had to would use her again!!! -Terri Herold

Everyone at Townley & Wheeler, especially Kathleen, is very caring and helpful. Kathleen made Dad look so much like himself. We can't thank you enough for helping us through a sad time. -Phyllis Skidmore

I've had a 25 year business relationship with Kathleen. I can attest to her attention to detail and her sincere compassion for her clients. -Paul Sicko, Garden Gate Florist

It is with great pleasure to recommend Kathleen (Lowes) Sanvidge. I have known and worked with Kathleen for 15 years. She is professional in all aspects of her life. She is a wonderful mother, business woman, and friend. The level of professionalism, compassion and trust are many qualities that make her such a successful person. Good luck Kathleen!!! -Mark Salvadore

It is with pleasure that I write this recommendation for Kathleen (Lowes) Sanvidge. I worked for and with Kathleen from January 2007 until January 2013. During that period of time I observed nothing but the highest level of professionalism, care and compassion. As a manager she is clear and concise on what she expects from her employees. She allows them do their assigned responsibilities without unnecessary interference. She pays strict attention to every detail without getting bogged down in minutiae. Her management style promotes a cohesive work environment. More importantly, is Kathleen’s ability to connect with the families she works with. Her understanding and compassion significantly enhances the trust a family has to have during their most difficult time. I have repeatedly witnessed Kathleen comfort and console family members simply by listening to them talk about their loved ones. Kathleen was often specifically requested by families for making arrangements. While working funerals that had been arranged by Kathleen I was frequently told what a wonderful job she had done. Kathleen does everything within her power to make this sad time as stress free as possible. Kathleen Sanvidge is without question, one of the finest funeral directors I have ever known.-Jan Spairana

Kathleen took care of our family needs very well. When a family member is gone, you really need assistance and compassion. She was right there every step of the way and we sincerely appreciate her making a difficult time easier. -Peter Brooks

I have known Kathleen as a parent of children in the school where I served as the Principal for ten years. I knew her to be a caring and informed parent who volunteered her time regularly without even having to ask. She was close to many parents and worked with them to make our school a better place for all children and staff. Kathleen personally and expertly handled each aspect of what was a very trying time for the family during both my parents services. I am more than happy to recommend Kathleen and I know that her excellent character and caring-giving personality will be appreciated by all who meet her. -Jim Clement

We have known Kathleen for many years, as a professional & as a great friend. She has always been there for us during good & bad times. She is reliable & is an expert in everything she does. I'm lucky to know her as a friend & someone I can always count on. Thank you Kathy! -Donna Shanahan

As the pastor of St. George's Episcopal Church in Clifton Park I had many opportunities to work with Kathleen and knew of many parishioners who sought out her services. She was always professional, compassionate and a delight to be around. -William Hinrichs

I have appreciated working with Kathleen providing funeral services for grieving loved ones. She is a caring, detail oriented professional. When working with Kathleen I can concentrate on providing pastoral care and worship leadership knowing everything else will be taken care of expertly. -Jim Silvernail

Kathleen is very attentive in her profession & life. She is a class act. I wish her well in her Funeral Business. I know she will do well. -Rick Amico

I highly recommend Kathleen and her team, and I recommend looking up and reading the wonderful cover article about Kathleen in the June 2016 edition of "Clifton Park Neighbors". She truly was a Godsend for us and she becomes devoted to those she is able ot serve. When our son suddenly passed away we were fortunately referred to Kathleen. In everything, she and her team were compassionate, helpful, and supportive. She stepped right in and carefully and thoughtfully took charge. A lot of coordination was needed in a very short time frame. She kept on top of everything and kept everything moving, while nothing appeared or felt rushed or hurried for us. As difficult as it was, time seemed to flow and to be kept at a comfortable pace, allowing us what we needed--time to just be--to be accepting of the help, compassion, and love of so many, and, especially, to have the time we needed with your son. She saw to it that support was there for everyone, every step of the way. We are so grateful for how Kathleen pours herself into her work, and for the outpouring of caring and compassion that she and her team provided to our family. -James Laswell

Our experience with Kathleen and Townley & Wheeler Funeral Home was wonderful. My Dad passed away over Labor Day weekend, which could have made things complicated because of business closures. Kathleen was incredibly responsive to our requests for information and options for how to handle our Dad's remains. She even brought his ashes to the house late in the evening so we could have the family together to receive him. She presented us with a beautiful American flag in Dad's honor as a veteran. She made us feel very comfortable and cared for during a very difficult time. Thank you Kathleen! -Lucy Carruth

Kathleen is a shining light during a difficult time. Her and her staff smooth out any bumps in the road of planning for and supporting your loved one's service. Equally kind and competent are her business associates, from clergy to bagpipes. Call Kathleen first. You won't regret it. -Scott Houde

I called Kathleen the morning after my father had passed. My family had no plans in place for an unexpected loss. I did extensive research the night before calling Kathleen. I knew Townley & Wheeler was where we needed to be. Kathleen returned my call within the half hour. She walked me through everything that needed to be done, taking the lead and letting me know she was here for us with whatever we needed. The compassion and personalized detail Kathleen and her team showed us was amazing. I truly believe that Kathleen has been blessed with a gift of serving people. Arrangements-regarding cremation and burial, started the paperwork process with Social Security and other agencies, got the death certificates etc. Kathleen and her team also jumped in, late in the evening, to do prayer cards we needed for the following day. She was and is amazing. I know that choosing a woman to help us through this process was what we needed. The depth of her love of people shows through. The quaintness of the home/facility she provides, for dealing with a loved ones passing, is beyond what we could have wished for. Kathleen will forever be in our hearts and we thank her and her team for everything they have done. -Rene Zeh

I was referred to Kathleen by two trusted individuals--a long time financial advisor, and an educator in the funeral services field. I found her to be a consummate professional; it was an absolute pleasure working with her. She and her entire staff could not have been more accommodating. Kathleen is an extremely capable individual who clearly loves and believes in what she does for a living. I am a very satisfied client and would highly recommend her services; she made the process seem effortless. -Caryn Canfield

After my husband, Jack, had passed away in the spring I decided I would like to have a memorial in the east where we had spent most of our lives. I contacted Kathleen and she was most helpful in arranging a stone in the cemetery my parents were buried. She was always available and got to me with answers to my questions. We arranged to meet and she accompanied myself and two of my sons to the cemetery and had even prepared an appropriate message for the time. I would recommend her services to anyone with confidence that she will help them through a very difficult time. -Beverly Kingsley

The first thing that strikes you about Kathleen Sanvidge, at Townley & Wheeler Funeral Home, is her genuine compassion, sympathy, and understanding for what you and your family are going through when a loved one passes away. She really treats you like her own family. With great kindness and sincerity, she guides you through all of the necessities and options of planning a funeral, and she is extremely attentive to every detail. She leaves very little for you to worry about, but at the same time is very flexible in helping you get things arranged properly, allowing for last minute changes and adjustments. The funeral home itself is very quaint and has the feeling of a family home (which it is), but can still accommodate large gatherings. Kathleen and her entire staff are very professional and experienced, and meticulously attend to every detail--funeral arrangements, ushering at services, creating and printing beautiful thank you and memorial cards, procuring flower arrangements, selecting music for services, providing for embalming and burial, sending death certificates to the proper authorities, and even bereavement counseling. Her prices are also very competitive, and she is refreshingly open about all associated costs. Their website is very nicely organized and informative. Even on holidays, she makes it very clear, that no phone call, email, question, or request is an imposition. We highly recommend Kathleen and her excellent staff at Townley & Wheeler Funeral Home in helping guide anyone through the extremely difficult times around the loss of a loved one.-Lisa Mueller

Kathleen was amazing. Our son was only with us for 22 hours. The hardest part was turning his body over to someone. We are so happy it was Kathleen. She took a terrible and highly emotional situation and handled it perfect. When considering a funeral director and home, she should be on your sort list. We were so blessed to have her there at that moment and consider ourselves lucky that she remains in our lives. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.-Marie Petry

Having good feelings toward a funeral home just sounds like an oxymoron, but Kathleen made such a depressing day feel bearable. She genuinely cared about the comfort level of my family during the planning process and the services. She was never out of sight for more than a few minutes, constantly checking in on us or providing water/tissues. I can't think of anyone else I would trust such a personal event with. The space was accommodating and comfortable as well, not that you really think about how chairs are set up in a situation like that. Thank you Kathleen and thank you Townley & Wheeler for going above and beyond. Your services are greatly appreciated throughout my whole family and I highly recommend you to anyone looking for a great funeral home. -Rachell Relyea

I highly recommend Townley & Wheeler Funeral Home. Kathleen (Funeral Director) is superb at what she does. She guides you through the process, takes care of all the details, and does so in a friendly and professional manner. We had the unfortunate circumstance of using Townley & Wheeler 3 times over the last 5 months, and each time she and her staff were excellent. In the future, we will continue to use Townley & Wheeler. -Bob Ellis

Kathleen and her staff went above and beyond from beginning to end. We were treated like family and I highly recommend Townley & Wheeler. -Amy Sornberger 

When a loved one passes, whether it is anticipated or a complete surprise, where do you go for help in your time of need? My family and I did what most families do, we started calling and checking Funeral Homes to find out who could help ease our pain and plan just the right funeral arrangements for our sister.

Fortunately, on that day, we called Townley and Wheeler Funeral Home and talked with Kathleen. She was the answer to our prayers. The first words out of her mouth about our loss and situation were so heart felt, she put me right at ease. I knew we had found the right person and place to make the arrangements for our sister. She took the time to find out what a very special woman our sister was and how she could help us pay just the right tribute to her at the service. With Memorial Day approaching and family members all spread out, Kathleen helped us figure out the best way to proceed to honor our sisters life. It was almost as if she'd been a part of our family for years and knew just the person our sister was. Her dedication to those she serves is second to none.
I'm going to get back together with her soon to plan things for my services, when it's time for me to pass on. With her as a guide, it'll make things that much easier for my family, my children, and my grandchildren and be sure things are done right.
Thanks so much for everything you did for us Kathleen. It meant more than words could say. 
-William Hughes


The family of Carmen J. Surento Jr would like to thank Townley and Wheeler Funeral Home in Ballston Lake for their professional and personal care of their loved one. Kathleen and Zoltan went above and beyond to accommodate our family. Thank you, Kathleen, Zoltan and staff. - Gloria Surento

When my Mother passed away unexpectedly in April of this year we were obviously devastated emotionally, but we were also lost logistically since no arrangements had been made. We were extremely fortunate to be put in touch with Kathleen at Townley & Wheeler. She walked us through every decision with compassion, understanding, and guidance and helped us create a wonderful tribute for our Mother that we think she would have been proud of. Kathleen was available by phone/text all hours of the day. We can't say enough good things about Kathleen and the rest of her team. We'll forever be grateful. – Ryan McKee


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